Remote Desktop Service

 we communicate through texts, emails, video calls and smart phones and we do most of the things on computers. When you are at such a hyper speed of connection, highly dependent on computers that if things go wrong you need instant solutions.

Now you have choice either to call someone to visit your place and fix it or call us to access your device remotely and fix the problem without coming to your place. This is called Remote Desk Services and with this you will save time and efforts and make your life bit easier in these kinds of situation. At ITking -Te awamutu We have a team of uniquely skilled professionals who will help you to deliver cost effective and timely results.

Call us on Free phone  0800 485 464 we are at 162 Alexandra street ,Te awamutu New Zealand

*Note – Remote Desktop Service is only possible if you as client & we as service provider both have access to Internet.