Why an iPhone is Better than an Android

Friday 04 September, 2020 11:00 AM | IT King

Which is better? An iPhone or an Android? This discussion has been going on for ages and we definitely know why. But for those unaware of why an iPhone is optimal one, here are some facts:

Apps come to iPhones first

Both Android and iOS have Million of applications that cater to users based on their interests. Now, while both Apple and Android have their stores updated regularly, developers certainly favor iPhones more than Android. Before most apps Strike the Google Play Store for Androids, they have already had a go on the iOS. An optimal example where the app took months to jump from iOS to Android was Fortnite. There is no doubt that iPhone users are the emperor kings when it comes to having access to or using the latest apps.

Instant update on every device owned

The unique part about using Apple devices is the instant update on every Apple device you own even when you make an update on one. Further, Apple’s iOS offers updates for software and security in a stable manner.

Updated OS

Did you know? 83% of all the iOS products that were introduced since the last 4 years used iOS 12. On the other side, limited Android gadgets run of the latest Android, which is Android 9.0 Pie.

iPhones are more secure

There is absolutely no contest when it comes to choosing which of the two is a more secure show that 97% of all viruses, malware, etc. are for Android whereas 0% affected the iPhone.

Since the launch of the first iPhone until now, a lot has changed with more and more updates making life much simpler for us. A strong support team makes for an equally good addition to the benefits of using an Apple Phone.

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